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Dear New Staff, welcome onboard to Bah33.


The success of any Organisation and that of its employees depends very largely on the employees themselves, and so we look to you to play your part as we shall continue to play ours.


We provide equal opportunities and are committed to the principle of equality regardless of gender, civil status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race or membership of the traveller community.  We will apply employment policies which are fair, equitable and consistent with the skills and abilities of our employees and the needs of the business.  We look to your support in implementing these policies to ensure that all employees are accorded equal opportunity for recruitment, training and promotion and, in all jobs of like work, on equal terms and conditions of employment.


We will not condone any discriminatory act or attitude in the conduct of our business with the public or our employees and acts of unlawful harassment or discrimination are disciplinary offences.


We welcome you and express our sincere hope that you will be happy here in our team.  We ask that you study carefully the contents of this Employee Handbook as, in addition to setting out our rules and regulations, it also contains a great deal of helpful information.

Please, fill up our induction form, once we have your details, we will prepare your contract and your HR Handbook.

Before you complete the form, Please read carefully our HR/Accounting Compliance.

General Instructions and Compliance

1- You will receive your contract and handbook in your email registered on the following form, the signature is taken online by Docusing on both (Contract and handbook). If you don't sing off your contract, the employment will be ceased immediately.

2- You will be registered on the internal clock-in-clock-out software, please don't forget to register your journeys, including breaks.

3- Your payroll is processed on weekly basis:


4- You have until the Friday of the following week to receive your wages. 


5- If you don't have PPS or don't have the tax credit allocated to the Bah33 yet, don't worry, we still process      your payroll, however, if you leave Bah33 before your have your tax credits adjusted WE WILL NOT re-open past- paychecks, if you leave Bah33 before your taxes being correctly allocated you have to get your paychecks and report directly to the Revenue Commissioners.

Please red this document if you don't know how to allocated your tax credits. Click here.

6- Your Wages are credit to your account on weekly basis on the IBAN informed on the following form.


7- Your paychecks will be submitted to your E-mail populated on the form.

8- If you have any query regarding your wages, please contact directly to your manager to discuss and we are more than happy in clarify any question.

Employer's Name

Personal Details
We will not share any personal information. We follow the guidelines with Data Protection Act 2018.

Are you Student or have any Visa restriction?
Thank you! We will be in touch ASAP
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